Webinar to ‘Create Amazing Radio’ with Lee Abrams

Benztown and P1 Media Group will host a free webinar for radio professionals around the globe, entitled “Next: Creating Amazing Radio.” on Thursday, May 13.

The webinar is twelfth in the companies’ “Global Radio Ideas” webinar series from top radio experts from around the world.  

The 30-minute webinar will be hosted by Andreas Sannemann, CEO, Benztown, and Ken Benson, Partner, P1 Media Group, and will feature one of the radio industry’s true visionaries, Lee Abrams, a programmer and innovator who has made an indelible mark on entertainment, music and popular culture through radio, satellite radio, and MTV.

Abrams is a Grammy-winning producer and consultant to over 1,000 radio stations, 12 major print publications, television stations, cable networks, and several consumer products.  

The webinar will cover topics including: 

  • Abrams’ decades in the trenches reinventing radio, television news and print.
  • Creator of the Album Rock format and designer of XM Satellite Radio, Abrams shares his vision for the future of radio.
  • Abrams’ advice on how to engage young listeners – one of Radio’s biggest challenges.
  • His work with The Moody Blues, Bob Seger, Iron Maiden, Capital Records, Rolling Stone magazine, MTV, Disney, and more.
  • His upcoming new book, “Solutions for a Creatively Starved Planet” and upcoming documentary, “Sonic Messengers – When Music and Radio Changed the World.”

Register at: https://event.webinarjam.com/channel/RadioIdeaWebinar


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This story first appeared on RadioInfo.asia