Webinar on ‘PD Summer School: The Best Advice Ever’

Benztown and P1 Media Group will host a free webinar for radio professionals around the globe, titled PD Summer School: The Best Advice Ever.” on July 15.

The webinar is 14th in the companies’ “Global Radio Ideas” webinar series from top radio experts from around the world.

The 30-minute webinar will be hosted by Andreas Sannemann, CEO, Benztown, and Ken Benson, Partner, P1 Media Group, and will feature Pat Holiday, Founder, Musicom Academy.

Over Holiday’s stellar 50-year radio career, he programmed monster AC and Hot AC stations including Lite in Detroit, Warm in Cincinnati, Mix in Montreal, and Mix Toronto, was GM for stations in Calgary and Toronto, and was head of programming for a major Canadian radio group and launched the Virgin Radio brand across Canada. Holiday was named Canadian PD of the Year and had Stations of the Year three times.

Holiday will field attendees’ questions and cover topics including:

  • A secret way to program you’ve never heard before
  • One easy step to turn a listener into a fan
  • 5 quick things a jock can do to become great
  • Keys to leading creative people
  • How you should be programming ad breaks
  • Using your intuition to build a better station

Register at: https://event.webinarjam.com/channel/GlobalRadio

This story first appeared on RadioInfo.asia