Talk Media Network To Launch The Transportation Channel Minute

The Transportation ChannelThe Transportation Channel will launch a daily travel industry news feature, “The Transportation Channel Minute” in syndication via Talk Media Network on July 1.

The segment is described as a one-minute feature “providing entertaining highlights of advancements in air mobility, autonomy, automotive technologies, rail, electric cars, and much more.” The company is developing a streaming video component with a live feed and on-demand content that will cover all aspects of transportation and travel with the daily feature launching twice a day on Talk Media Network feeds.

Founder Matthew Perry says, “The transportation channel is innovating the way the world will consume its transportation news. Despite the headlines, major media outlets in the U.S. do not allocate sufficient time or resources needed to cover key advancements and concerns in the transportation sector adequately.”

Talk Media Network CEO Josh Leng adds, “This partnership will further advance Talk Media Network into an important content vertical and introduce The Transportation Channel to the world.”

Perry is can be reached for investment-related inquiries, affiliations, or sponsorship opportunities at

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