Renee Nelson To Depart Mornings At WMME After 30 Years

After 30 years in mornings at Townsquare Media CHR “92 Moose” WMME Augusta ME, Renee Nelson will depart on June 23 as she prepares to relocate to Florida.

Nelson celebrated her 30th anniversary at the station in May. She told listeners this morning that she originally planned to leave in 2019 when she sold her house, but remained longer due to a family situation and then the pandemic. She wrote on the station’s website, “Being part of the fabric of central Maine as we all navigated the pandemic is precisely where I needed to be, and I fully believe that the 92 Moose did an amazing job of keeping people informed, connected and bringing a sense of normalcy and some humor in a time where nothing seemed normal. I know doing the show, being part of this community was one of my lifelines during this time. ”

Matt James will remain in mornings while the station begins the search for a new co-host.

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