NGen Radio To Move To Digital Only On November 8

Hope Media Group has announced that Christian Rhythmic “NGen Radio” will move off of 91.7 KHVU (formerly KXNG) Houston to an all-digital distribution on Monday, November 8 at which point a new, undisclosed format will launch on the FM frequency.

NGen had launched on 91.7 in August 2016 following the acquisition of the former Classical KUHA. KHVU currently simulcasts on 89.5 KVUD Bay City, 91.3 K217GB Houston, 91.5 KVUJ Lake Jackson, and 93.1 K226AE College Station.

Hope Media Group’s NGEN Radio announces transition from the 91.7 FM signal to focus exclusively on digital distribution. The Houston-based station continues to reach the next generation with positive content and music to impact the world for good through the station, app, and website. This change comes as the station’s audience has changed where and how they are consuming their music and content since the station launched 11 years ago.

Today, NGEN Radio’s listeners are consuming their favorite content digitally on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify rather than traditional FM radio stations. The opportunity to reach young adults more effectively by solely focusing on digital distribution is far greater today than when NGEN was originally envisioned. This better positions NGEN to meet this audience where they are and provide for them the content they want and need.

“We currently have thousands of listeners streaming and listening via the app,” shares NGEN’s Morning Show host, Marcus Sullivan. “It’s important we focus on that audience and bring them more content than just music. People have been talking about streaming for years and NGEN is stepping up to the plate. We are excited for this new direction!”

Hope Media Group’s ultimate mission for NGEN Radio was and remains to connect teens and young adults more deeply to God through music and on-air content. The ministry has been able to do that through broadcasting on traditional FM radio, as well as digital distribution since the station launched. The 91.7 FM signal helped establish the NGEN brand and a base of support, enabling the ministry to respond to shifting media consumption for the future.

“Our commitment has never been to FM radio and steel towers. Those are only tools,” shares Hope Media Group President & CEO, Joe Paulo. “For NGEN, our passion and commitment is to young adults – the next generation – and how we can most effectively reach them with God’s life-changing love. The sky is the limit in the digital space, and we are ready to seize the opportunity like never before.”

NGEN’s transition from 91.7FM and other FM frequencies to its brand-new future exclusively in the digital space is Monday, November 8th. For more information, visit

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