New games on Mediacorp radio stations

Listeners of all Mediacorp stations in Singapore can now win a host of prizes with a range of new contests and games.

English stations:

CLASS 95 – Spin & Win

The game is played hourly across all timebelts from August 30. Listeners must be the first to call in when they hear the song of the hour to qualify. On Friday, they must be the first caller through after the cue to call and have qualified during the week, to spin the sure-win wheel. There is a chance to win cash prizes ranging from $1000 to $20,000.

GOLD 905 – Supersonic

It’s the 2nd edition of the game on the station. Everyone gets a chance to win with $20K cash in total to be given away.  It is played 5 times a day with $100 to be given away each time. DJ will play a sped up snippet of a song and the first caller through to guess the song title correctly wins $100. Prize snowballs if the caller doesn’t get it right.

987 – Secret Sound

Back by popular demand – 987 Secret Sound is played throughout the day from 6am – 12am.

Participants have to listen out for the cue to call throughout the day and be the first one through the phone lines. DJ will play the sound. Guess it correctly and walk away with the big cash prize.

Symphony 924 – Artiste of The Week

Featuring eight outstanding classical performers each week, sharing about their music, loves and lives. Look out for Sol Gabetta, Daniel Trifonov, Katherine Jenkins, Yang YueFei and more. Listeners can win up to $4k in shopping vouchers, by answering trivia questions on classical artistes on the station’s Facebook page each week.

CNA 938 – Understand Asia Quiz

There’s a chance to win a total of $9600 shopping vouchers by participating in the CNA938 Understand Asia Quiz. Listeners will have to tune in and call to participate in the quiz 3 times a day, Mondays to Fridays for 8 weeks. The caller stands to win $80 if he/she answers a question about Asia correctly. If the wrong answer is provided, the prize snowballs to the next quiz.

Chinese stations:

CAPITAL 958 – Mystery Sound

Game will be played on Mon to Thurs, throughout the day from 6am to 12am, 5 times per day across 5 timebelts.  Listeners have to call in to CAPITAL 958’s hotline when they hear the DJ’s shoutout, and they must guess the correct Chinese idiom, and stand a chance to win $50 cash. The winner will also quality for the Friday’s lucky prize wheel spin where the first caller will stand a chance to win additional prizes.

LOVE 972

Game will be played throughout the day from 6am to 11pm. Listeners have to call in to LOVE 972’s hotline when they hear the DJ’s shoutout, where the DJs will provide a sentence with some parts removed, and listeners must guess the missing phrase. If they guess correctly, they stand a chance to win $972. All winners who won $972 will also stand a chance to win an additional grand prize of $9,720.

YES 933 – Crack the code!

Game is be played throughout the day from 6am to 12am. Listeners have to call in to YES 933’s hotline when they hear the DJ’s shoutout, and they must guess the five digit code, and stand a chance to win up to $10,000 cash. However, should the code remained unsolved each day, $1000 will be deducted daily until it reached $2,000. Helpful tips will be provided by the DJ and they will let you know whether you are guessing too high or too low.

Malay radio stations

 Warna 942 – Peti Bahasa

DJ will give out the sponsor related password at a stipulated time. DJ will give out 1 word + meaning at a random timing during the timebelt. Lines will be opened and and listener with correct password plays the game. Caller that can give the correct word that was mentioned qualifies for the weekly finale round on Friday morning, where first caller from the qualifier list to call in with the correct password will play a language game – jumbled up letters that forms a simpulan Bahasa.

Ria 897 – Lagu Misteria Ria

Listeners have to tune in to Ria 897 and wait for the respective DJ in each belt to announce the title of the ‘Song of The Hour’. When the song is aired, the first caller to provide the correct title qualifies for the mega-round. In the mega-round,  the title of the song will not be announced. Instead, RIA listeners have to guess the title of the ‘Mystery Song‘ based on the snippet of the song and clues aired by the DJ on duty.

 Tamil radio station

 Oli 968 – Adutha Naangu Varigal Enna? (Guess the next 4 lines?)

Listeners will be provided clues from a movie from which the song is being selected. At the first level, listener will be required to mention the password of the day which will be available on the station’s meLISTEN newsfeed. At the second, they will get to guess the lyrics correctly within 20 seconds. If the listener guesses it correctly, he/she will win $100. Otherwise, the winning money is snowballed with $50 added to the pool. It will be awarded to the listener who finally gets it right. The listener who gets it right will qualify to enter the Big Game at the finale. Up to $11,000 over 8 weeks and a grand prize of $10,000 is up for grabs in the finale.

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