MaxxKonnect Launches Thimeo's STXtreme Audio Processor

MaxxKonnect Thimeo STXtreme StereoTool
The MaxxKonnect Group is pleased to announce it will serve as exclusive North American distributor for Thimeo’s new STXtreme Advanced Audio Processor.

The STXtreme is the first hardware solution based on Thimeo’s very popular StereoTool processing suite. Included features such as Thimeo’s Delossifier, Declipper, Advanced Composite Clipper, and the Integrated MicroMPX Encoder. STXtreme firmware and hardware are meticulously tuned to each other to achieve maximum audio quality and minimal latency and can output composite MPX through analog and digital connectors or stream it over an IP link using MicroMPX on low bandwidth connections without loss of quality.

Led by Hans Van Zutphen, Thimeo Audio was founded in 2011 with a focus on producing great sounding audio. Whether it’s restoring clipped sound, processing radio like it’s the finest Hi-Fi, massively improving phone audio quality, or sending FM MPX to transmitters at low bit rates: Thimeo builds stuff that sounds great.


With offices in Alabama, Texas and Pittsburgh, The MaxxKonnect Group provides Broadcast Technical Solutions, Equipment Sales, Engineering and Integration, and Connectivity including their MaxxKonnect Wireless prioritized, high speed LTE internet service specially designed for broadcast applications.

MaxxKonnect Group president Josh Bohn states, “I’ve known Hans and the Thimeo team for many years and have always been a fan of StereoTool.  When we were given the opportunity to be the distributor for STXtreme, I jumped on it immediately!  This is a cutting edge processor that will give all the competitors a run for their money.  With features like Declipper and Delossifier in a hardware-based appliance, the STXtreme changes the game.”
For more information or to purchase Thimeo STXtreme in the US or Canada, please contact Joe Myers at MaxxKonnect at or call 205-598-1200.

To see the StereoTool STXtreme Advanced Audio Processor, visit The MaxxKonnect Group at the 2022 NAB Show at booth W8525 in the new West Hall. MaxxKonnect will also be spotlighting their MaxxKonnect Wireless LTE product, as well as the new Nautel VX series of transmitters.

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