Matty Siegel & Lisa Donovan Go MIA From Matty In The Morning

Matty V Vinci Kiss 108 107.9 WXKS-FM BostonMorning hosts Matty Siegel and Lisa Donovan have been off the air at iHeartMedia CHR “Kiss 108” WXKS-FM Boston’s “Matty in the Morning” since early last week with what was originally acknowledged as each dealing with “family matters”.

The show has continued on with co-host Billy Costa and producers Justin Aguirre and Winnie Akoury with little mention of the whereabouts of Siegel and Donovan, but on their Aftershow podcast this week Aguirre stated, “We really don’t know what’s going on and can’t talk about it.” Akoury followed, “We are not trying to keep anything from anybody. Whatever is going on has nothing to do with the three of us and we don’t even know what’s going on. We just know we’re here to do our jobs. We do respect Matt and Lisa’s privacy with whatever they’re dealing with and we’re trying to reiterate that everyone is healthy so don’t be concerned about anyone’s health or anything like that.”

Barstool Sports host Kirk Minihane stated on his show yesterday that he had texted with Matty who stated that he will be making an announcement next week.

The 72-year-old Siegel had been hosting mornings at WXKS-FM since January 1981. Donovan has served as co-host since 2002.

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