Majority Of NoogaRadio Staff Departs

The majority of the staff at Conservative Talk “NoogaRadio 92.7” W224AZ Chattanooga/WPLZ-HD4 Ooltewah TN have departed following a disagreement on the direction of the station.

General Manager Jen Lambert, Operations Manager Jason Kirk, Morning host Jeff Styles, and General Sales Manager Michael Lisowski are all exiting the station today due to a conflict with operator Sabatino Cuppelli’s plans to add more syndication and brokered shows to the station. In a release Lambert stated, “Unfortunately, after four years, a lot of blood, sweat and tears and a whole lot of love, the station ownership has chosen to take NoogaRadio in a direction that most of us feel we are unable to stand behind. We are so grateful and proud to have been able to entertain you for as long as we have and, as the general manager, I am able to move on with my head held high knowing that I gave it my all. We genuinely hope we can bring our relationship to an amicable end in the most professional manner leaving no burned bridges, hard feelings or severed business relationships. Thank you so much to all of our advertisers, supporters and, most of all, to our devoted listeners, you will be missed.” An additional staffer, Sports Director/host Keon Rose is also departing to relocate to Phoenix and afternoon host Bryan Stone was let go by Cuppelli two weeks ago, while News Director Russell Stroud has yet to decide whether to remain.

Cuppelli told the Chattanooga Times Free Press, “We will always use a mix of local and national and there will be very little buying time.”

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