India’s Red FM returns with Quiz India Movement

India’s Red FM announced season 2 of the Quiz India Movement, a celebration of India’s unending curiosity, thrill, and sharp intellect.

The contest began on May 29 and will run till June 29,  alongside the T20 World Cup.

National Content Creator Award winner RJ Raunac,  will host the show.

The first live quiz is scheduled for  June 7 and will be a weekly event every Friday until  June 29. Each question in the live quiz awards Rs. 21,000, and there are weekly bumper prizes of Rs. 1,00,000 for a few lucky winners. Additionally, the powerplay section offers more opportunities to win big.

Speaking on the announcement, Nisha Narayanan, Director & COO, of RED FM, and Magic FM, said, “Last year was the first time that a radio network introduced live broadcasting in gaming and the unprecedented success of Season 1 of Quiz India Movement made sure we brought it back for Season 2. Our objective with QIM has been manifold, establishing QIM as an IP that sets the gold standard for quizzing in India and blending the power of radio and digital for the ultimate user engagement experience. Incorporating an engagement hook that brings the audience back every day to play was also a decisive factor in creating the Quiz India Movement. Season 2 is based on the T-20 World Cup and the seasons to follow will have varied themes. We are looking forward to our audience’s continued love.”

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