Green Bay Packers To Move To 97.3 The Game Milwaukee After Over 90 Years On WTMJ

After spending their entire history on 620 WTMJ Milwaukee, the Green Bay Packers will move to iHeartMedia Sports “97.3 The Game” WRNW-FM Milwaukee in 2022.

WTMJ has carried Packers broadcasts since 1929 and has served as flagship of their network since 1943. Good Karma Broadcasting Milwaukee VP/Market Manager Steve Wexler issued a statement, “While we’re disappointed in the Packers’ decision, we are grateful for our partnership over the years with the team. It’s been an honor to be steward of the Packers brand and we’re looking forward to continuing to serve sports fans and our marketing partners with a new era of football content. We’ll continue to cheer on the Packers for years to come.”

The Green Bay Packers and iHeartMedia Milwaukee today announced that 97.3 The Game WRNW will become the Milwaukee broadcast home for the Packers Radio Network, beginning in the 2022 season.

Packers games and related programming in Milwaukee will transition to The Game 97.3 WRNW from 620WTMJ Radio, a longtime Packers affiliate that began broadcasting Packers games in 1929. The transition in Milwaukee is with the affiliate station only, as the Packers have produced games and related content and also managed the Packers Radio Network in-house since 2018.

“We are excited to welcome a new station to the Packers Radio Network in the Milwaukee area beginning in 2022,” said Craig Benzel, Packers vice president of sales and business development. “iHeartMedia enthusiastically pursued the opportunity that being a part of the network creates, and we are looking forward to how their innovative approach will appeal to Packers fans in southeastern Wisconsin.

“The Packers have greatly appreciated the partnership with WTMJ over the years and will always respect the history they have with the franchise,” said Benzel.

The transition to The Game 97.3 WRNW expands on the existing relationship between the Packers and iHeartMedia as the station joins iHeartRadio affiliate partners in Madison (WIBA AM and WIBA FM), Eau Claire (WBIZ) and Moline, Illinois (WFXN Fox Sports).

97.3 The Game WRNW and iHeartMedia Milwaukee will offer an attractive demographic opportunity to reach new listeners with a growing sports talk radio segment and other programming formats in the Milwaukee area.

Additionally, the partnership offers a variety of new platforms that will support key Packers initiatives, including iHeartMedia’s new audio partnership with the NFL which features podcast distribution.

“We are excited to be partnering with one of the NFL’s most iconic teams, the Green Bay Packers, and look forward to bringing all the coverage to the tremendous fans of the Packers,” said Kevin LeGrett, President of iHeartMedia Sports.

“All of us at iHeartMedia are honored, excited and passionate about the future of our Milwaukee affiliation with the Green Bay Packers,” said Jeff Tyler, Area President for iHeartMedia Wisconsin.

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