G Accelerate Networks Adds Bridge Ratings' StreamStats

G Accelerate Networks Bridge Ratings Stream Stats StreamStatsG Accelerate Networks continues to expand its footprint in quality network radio offerings with the announcement of a new partnership with Bridge Ratings Media Research, a leading research firm that studies and analyzes listener behavior trends. The arrangement gives G Accelerate exclusive advertising and affiliate sales rights to Bridge Ratings’ StreamStats™, a proprietary research tool that provides market- station- and audience-based on-demand streaming data, associated with P1 listening, for fully comprehensive music research.

“On-demand music streaming consumption is exploding,” said Jim Higgins, Chief Executive Officer of G Accelerate. “Understanding the relationship between streaming and radio listening behaviors is helping StreamStats’ affiliates properly align their on-air playlists with the true song consumption of their audience. Dave Van Dyke is one of the most respected researchers in the industry, and we’re excited to bring these music listening insights to radio station program directors, who need and want this all-inclusive data.”

StreamStats’ provides insights not available from call-out or auditorium tests. It goes further than other on-demand streaming research services that measure only popularity. While stream counts are a basic indicator of popularity, StreamStats extends its research to include primary or P1 radio format listeners.

“Heavy radio listeners stream differently than light or non-radio users,” explained Dave Van Dyke, President and Founder of Bridge Ratings. “We see a direct correlation between use of on-demand streaming data for programming music and music selection and increases in audience tune-in occasions and time-spent-listening. This additional insight is key for program directors who seek to understand how their listeners are consuming music. That’s why I partnered with Jim and his team at G Accelerate. They understand the value of these insights and can effectively communicate those values to station program directors.”

Bridge Ratings’ streaming data is sourced through the volume of streams per platform. Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and others contribute data points to StreamStats’ charts. Lifegroup profiles are also taken into consideration.

“Song popularity as measured by streams is a primary metric but is amplified by song passion,” Van Dyke added. “StreamStats provides this consumption metric in addition to a Passion Index, which reflects repeat listens of a song over time.”

Radio stations that want to learn more about Bridge Ratings’ StreamStats should contact Rich O’Brien at (212) 380-9338 or robrien@gognetworks.com

This story first appeared on radioinsight.com