DRM to launch new Energy Efficiency Calculator

The DRM Consortium has just developed a comprehensive and user-friendly calculator tool to determine how much energy can be saved by switching transmitters from analogue to digital DRM operation.

The DRM Energy Efficiency Calculator (https://energyefficiency.drm.org) has been created using typical performance data from transmitter manufacturers. It then calculates total expected energy usage for up to ten transmitters by considering operational mode, time on-air, and broadcasting technique assessing the energy consumption and electricity costs, based upon local market information. By comparing data sets for both analogue and DRM digital operations, it can estimate the potential (and often huge) savings broadcasters might expect from switching over to DRM.

This not only benefits broadcasters by reducing their electricity bills by double-digit percentages but proves specifically how DRM supports broadcasters’ efforts to become more sustainable though green technology significantly reducing requirements for energy produced in large parts of the world from fossil fuels.

According to Simon Keens, Sales and Business Development Manager, Ampegon Power Electronics AG (key member of the DRM Consortium) who has devised the calculator: “This new energy efficiency tool can be easily programmed into an Excel spreadsheet for ease of use and universal distribution in pdf reports summarizing the findings in simple text and graphs. This will help the engineers and all those interested to present concretely one of the great advantages of DRM, i.e., delivering substantial and sustained energy savings over many years.” 

Ruxandra Obreja, DRM Consortium Chairman, invites all those interested to a “zoom launch” of the new energy efficiency tool “Savings at Your Fingertips” on June 30th at 1000 UTC for introducing the simple device that will deliver results in minutes. “Unlike other complex studies on energy saving, this is something concrete that any broadcaster or anyone interested can create and use applying up to the minute data like transmitter power, energy costs etc. So, join us for this short takeaway session which will demonstrate how you can get concrete data and reports on energy consumption and savings through DRM use. Interested parties will be able to use it independently and thus assess and convince themselves and others of the energy saving benefit of DRM.” 

To register and join this webinar, please click here.

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This story first appeared on RadioInfo.asia