Astro Radio helps local brands with airtime worth RM116.4mn

Astro Radio in partnership with Digi launched ‘KamiCare MBiz’ to help local businesses affected by the pandemic find their footing. Under the campaign, businesses who qualify are given free airtime to help them drive engagement and traffic to their brands.

Over a seven-month period, this campaign successfully helped over 3030 local businesses by airing a total value of RM116.4mn in airtime.

Since the start of KamiCare MBiz in December 2020, Astro Radio brands have received submissions from various local businesses nationwide including home chefs and bakers, restaurants and cafés, florists, event management teams, tailors, car repair and home cleaning services, as well as companies offering IT solutions, pet food, sports attire and equipment, handicrafts, baby products, beverages and more.

From submissions received, selected businesses received at least 25 mentions over period of one week through 30-second on-air announcements. Additionally, these businesses were also featured on respective Astro Radio brand’s social media pages for additional reach and engagement. Selected businesses also received additional mentions via Facebook Live streams, including local food sellers “24 Seven FNB” and “Little Boss” who received additional sales orders following these mentions.

Kenny Ong, Chief Executive Officer, Astro Radio, said: “We received overwhelming response since ‘KamiCare MBiz’ launched with almost 7,700 submissions across our platforms. We are happy to announce we are extending this campaign so that more local businesses will have the opportunity to have their businesses featured on air reaching our 17 million listeners, and on social media reaching our 23 million followers.”

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