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RIP Bert Newton

Well known radio and tv personality Bert Newton has passed away aged 83. He died in a Palliative Care clinic on Saturday. Bert began his media career as a child star on radio and later moved to television. His first paid radio appearance was as a schoolboy on Melbourne radio station 3XY on 10 June… Read More
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Astro Radio revitalizes SYOK app, adds 60 new online stations

Astro Radio is celebrating being 25 years young this year by revitalizing the SYOK app.From November 1, Malaysians can look forward to over 60 new online radio stations offering extensive variety and compilation of music, and a new Chinese news channel ‘YOU-NEIRONG’ for the latest news and current affairs updates.The new stations on SYOK enables users to stream their favourite music genres and categories across languages including ballads, classics, acoustic music, dance music, workout music, K-pop, hip-hop, favourites from the 70s, 80s and 90s, rock, Jiwang, Cintan, Nasyid, Arabic, Bollywood songs, Irama Malaysia, Dangdut and more.

These 60 new online radio stations will be available in addition to all Astro Radio’s brands on-air and on TV including ERA, MY, HITZ, RAAGA, SINAR, GEGAR, ZAYAN, MELODY, GOXUAN, MIX, LITE and more, making Astro Radio and SYOK the first in Malaysia to launch most number of new online radio stations simultaneously.Users can also enjoy many exciting new and upgraded features such as a ‘dark mode’; an ‘alarm’ feature which allows users to schedule their preferred radio station to automatically stream; a ‘live video’ channel, providing users the ability to interact with others during a live video session via chat; and for podcasts – an enhanced podcast search based on categories, enabling users to continue streaming where they left off, organizing downloaded podcasts into folders, sharing on social media; and many more.Kenny Ong, Chief Executive Officer, Astro Radio, said: “As we embark on our journey of transformation to grow as Malaysia’s largest and most influential audio entertainment and infotainment network, Astro Radio is excited to introduce more relevant, audio streaming choices with content curated to our listeners demands. The rapid pace of disruption in the digital space has continued to spur our evolution to offer more online music streams that keep Astro Radio brands relevant. The new SYOK app offers increased personalization with our 60 new online radio stations to suit more lifestyles and preferences. We hope Malaysians enjoy this new entertainment experience on SYOK via the app and web.”Ong continued: “Recently, Astro Radio also collaborated with TikTok to launch three new weekend shows on air and on the SYOK app, to expand reach and cross-promote a wider selection of content and music across platforms. Additionally, we have partnered with ACO Tech, leading smart mobility provider in Southeast Asia, to integrate the SYOK app in vehicles infotainment systems; and with HUAWEI to integrate the SYOK app on the HUAWEI WATCH 3 Series offering users an elevated smartwatch experience. We will announce more partnerships as we continue to innovate and transform the Malaysian radio and audio industry.” Malaysians can continue to stream trending podcasts in various languages exclusively available on SYOK such as Confession Bilik Gelap, TechniPod, Moon’s Parenting Tips, Pei Diary with Lingkesvaran and more, and catch up on all live radio content (radio on-demand) anytime.The SYOK app will also offer Malaysians access to SYOK Originals, short-form videos which will feature relevant, interesting stories such as Everyday Malaysians, SYOK Busybody, SYOK Food Taster and more. Malaysians can also enjoy current articles, news and traffic updates and participate in contests for a chance to take home exciting prizes including the SYOK 101 contest available on the app and on-air from 8 November, for a chance to win cash prizes. […]


FCC Report 10/31: All Digital AM Coming To Boston

All-Digital AM is on its way to Boston.

Langer Broadcasting Group has filed with the FCC that it will convert Jazz 650 WSRO Ashland MA to all digital operation on December 1. WSRO’s programming will still be heard in analog on translator 102.1 W271CU Framingham in the “Metrowest” suburbs. WSRO operates with 1.5kW day/100 watts night directionally right towards Boston.

In August, tower and station operator Roger Hoppe and his Conundrum Communications Investments sent an enforcement complaint to the FCC noting that Roy Henderson’s N Content Marketing’s 100.1 WOUF Bear Lake MI had ceased operations in 2017 or 2018. After Henderson filed a modification for WOUF in September to move to the site of his 92.3 WBNZ Frankfort, Hoppe resubmitted that complaint as an informal objection noting that he evicted WOUF from his tower in 2014 and that the station failed to renew its STA to operate from a temporary site in July 2017. After that an existing CP and another granted in September 2018 both expired unbuilt before the third was applied for last month. Rather than fight the objections, Henderson changed the call letters of WOUF this week to WBQU and then surrendered the license to the FCC.

FCC Actions

The FCC is opening a docket based on a proposal from Educational Media Foundation and antenna manufacturers Dielectric, Jampro, Radio Frequency Systems and Shively Labs to use computer modeling to verify the patterns of directional antennas. Currently only FM is required to utilize physical measurements as opposed to the modeling permitted for directional patterns on AM and television. The FCC seeks comment “on whether, and how, computer modeling of FM directional antennas may be used to verify directional pattern performance, in lieu of the physical testing currently required by our rules, and whether the public interest would be served by Joint Petitioners’ proposed rule amendments. We believe that giving license applicants the option of submitting computer models could provide meaningful relief to many FM broadcasters without jeopardizing technical standards or service to the public. At the same time, we seek comment from engineers, broadcasters, antenna manufacturers, and other interested parties to help us clarify some of the issues raised by the proposed rule changes and to assess their relative costs and benefits.” The full proposed rule change can be seen here.

The FCC has proposed fines against two licensees for failing to timely file their license renewal applications.

A $3000 fine has been proposed for Seventh Generation Media Service’s 89.5 KLND Little Eagle SD as it was required to file theirs by December 1, 2020 ahead of its April 1, 2021 expiration date but did not do so until March 22 because the previous manager quit and the current manager was unaware of certain passwords and policies.

A $1500 penalty is proposed against Katie Davis’ 101.7 K269AV Tonopah & Goldfield NV as she was due to file by June 1, 2021 but did do do so until July 28 with no explanation provided.

Consent Decrees over lack of Online Public Files have been agreed to with Bible Baptist Church of Dodge City Inc.’s 89.1 KSRP Dodge City and Cloud County Community College’s 88.3 KVCO Concordia KS.

Consent Decrees over improperly maintained Political Files were reached with the following licensees:

ATW Media LLC’s 600 KTBB Tyler and 97.5 KTBB-FM Troup TX
Centex Broadcasting LLC’s 105.1 KMIL Cameron TX
Fremont Broadcasting Inc’s 1330 KOVE Lander WY
Majestic Broadcasting LLC’s 1230 KSFX, 97.1 KBCQ-FM, 100.5 KZDB and 104.7 KMOU Roswell and 1400 KTNM and 92.7 KQAY-FM Tucumcari NM
Sanpete County Broadcasting Co.’s 94.5 KLGL Salina, 97.7 KWUT Elsinore, 99.1 KMGR Nephi, 100.5 KMXD Monroe, 650 KMTI Manti, and 980 KSVC Richfield UT
S&R Broadcasting, Inc.’s 1280 KQLL Henderson NV
ZIA Broadcasting Company – 680 KWKA, 1240 KCLV, and 99.1 KCLV-FM Clovis NM

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The Digital Strategy Guide – Part 1

Content from BPRWhen considering the development of your radio stations digital strategy the key question is not so much about what you do but why you do it.  It is very easy to fall into the trap of focusing so much on generating activity that the strategic perspective is lost.A fundamental consideration is the intent of your strategy. When it comes to an existing broadcasting business there are basically four primary options:

Is it about defending your existing core business and brands?
Is it about expanding your existing core business and brands?
Is it about changing your existing business into something different and creating additional brands?
Is it about creating something entirely new and separate from your current business?
While most companies will probably want to achieve all four outcomes, each of these strategic intents have different tactical paths.  It’s OK to want it all, however if you rush into the digital space without the priority of your intent being clearly articulated and understood by all involved then two things will likely occur:
The ROI on the digital activity being generated will be poor because of duplication of effort and resources, pursuing dead-end ideas and creating never-ending construction sites.
The people involved will become uncertain or frustrated about what they are doing and why they are doing it and friction will develop.
Point two is particularly worrying because it leads to people focusing on generating activity to justify the digital budget rather than measurable outcomes linked to the strategic intent.  It can also lead to a silo mentality where people become defensive when things become difficult or don’t work out the way it was hoped.  A symptom that things are not right is when staff start using the word “they” rather than “we” when referring to their colleagues.There is a lot of pressure nowadays for media companies to have a strong digital narrative, particularly at a corporate and B2B level. This narrative normally entails a combination of vision and initiative statements supported by activity statistics. All this is great if you are achieving your strategic intent and not just misdirecting attention away from core business issues which are proving too difficult to fix.Digital statistics are intoxicating. Anyone who knows me can testify that I have been leading the charge on radio stations embracing digital opportunities since the beginning of the digital revolution however at the same time I have developed a deep respect for how they can lead you astray from the two primary strategic outcomes for a media business, that being developing more usage of what you create and deliver and most importantly, increasing the profitability of your business.In part 2 of this article on Digital Strategy we will look at some of the practical lessons learned.About the AuthorWayne Clouten has been working with media companies in the development of digital, listener relationship marketing and multi-media strategy for more than 20 years in markets such as the UK, Austria, Germany, Russia & Australasia. […]